Saturday, July 17, 2004

I am HR....... no more

After for nearly a year working at the Human Resource department, I can savely say that I'm not working there anymore. I year filled of gossips, scandals and all kinds of feelings and situation all blended in to one tiny department. Actually it's not tiny. There's more than 80 working in my office.
I've started work at the Business Strategy department. That's right! I'm the thinking man of Telekom's future. (Telekom is doomed). Not so sure what my job scope is. But my job is Assistan Manager - Market Need Analysis. Probably have to spy on the competitors. Any MAXIS and DIGI staff wanna earn some extra money?? Damn, i love to a be a corporate espionage.


Good by office. My desk at HR. Boo hoo!! Posted by Hello