Friday, September 10, 2004


A couple of vendors came to the office yesterday and I had to help them set up a printer for them to use. They're here to interview a few people for something which I'm not sure what.

Anyways, after bringing in a printer for them to use, the driver was missing. So I surfed the printer manufacturer's web site to get the drivers. Just as I finished with the download, I was asked to move aside by one of the vendor so that he can relocate the driver file. While looking at him clicking happily to relocate the driver file, I notice the other files in the same directory which were:-

  • Blonde on Black 1.mpg
  • Blonde on Black 2.mpg
  • Hot young teens.avi
  • Cum all over.wmv
I don't even wanna know what are those files. I'm just giving them the benefits of the doubt. Hhhmmmmmmm………