Sunday, July 18, 2004

Went to Giant just now to get some groceries. Been tempted to try out that new Campbell's Prego spaghetti sos. It just came to Malaysia in a tin verson. Not in the bottle like the ones that you can get in the states. They had a few different flavors. All of them sounds and taste so yummy. And guess what? They are yummy. I just tried the cheese and herb. It was fabulous. Damn tasty. Highly recommended.

In other news, since when did CareFour Subang close before 12am on a Saturday? I know everyday they close at 10 pm. But on Saturdays they close at 12am. Buang masa aku saja nak pergi kat sana. Dahlah buang masa aku. Buang minyak aku pulak. Hampeh betul. Kalau awal-awal aku dah tau, dah lama aku tinggal kat rumah tengok tv ke, baca buku ke, tidur ke. Memang mangkuk hayun betul. Awal-awal tak mau cakap.