Thursday, July 29, 2004

1.) Do you have a "little kid" adventure story? Consider the term "little kid" relative to your age.
I wish I had a son. They I can start playing with his toys such as the green army men. Some robot toys and also those pistol toys. I can start shooting while making gun noises. If I started playing with toys now, people would think that I'm a freak. What a minute..... people already think that I'm a freak. I'm going to Toys R' Us now.

2.) What issue would you like to see the Supreme Court of the United States grapple with, or perhaps there's a case you feel they should re-think? Why this particular issue or case?
How about putting that tyrant of a president of theirs in jail for crimes against humanity?

3.) What is the URL of the most weird site, or the URL of what you consider a dangerous site? If it's a dangerous site, why do you think it's dangerous.
Can't think of any in particular. But one of the weirdest and funniest sites that I've been through in the past few weeks has gotta be this site where a supposed to be Singapore Idol made a web site talking about how good and fantastic he was and that all chicks dig him. Another site would be a blog of a LA dude trying to ask for donation from the internet so that he can pay for sex. He even is asking from chicks on the internet to have sex with him. What a loser.

4.) You wake-up on death row, and you realize it's not a dream. Even though there is copy of Death Row for Dummies on your bed, you decide to question the guard. What do you ask, and what advice does he/she give you?
I'll ask him, "Hey bitch!! What the fuck am I doing here?"
Then he'll say, "How the fuck am I suppose to know. I'm here for the free buffet."