Saturday, July 24, 2004

Harry Slaughter

It's a mature title for Harry Potter, called 'Harry Slaughter'.

The year is 2019, Harry Slaughter is Potter, but grown up, unshaven and pissed off cause he found out his parents were violently murdered by a group of evil wizards. He is like a techno-mage, fusing technology (he carries a shock-tazer under his wizard's coat for good measure) and sorcery and now lives in New York. His magic is twisted as well, with spells like 'Burning Scrotum' and 'Liver Intoxication'. He seeks the help of a transvestite who claims to have connections with these elite wizards. Later he finds out that these elite wizards head a megacorporation in New York with links to the government and beyond (spiritual).
The first miniseries is called 'Harry Slaughter and the Transvestite from New Jersey'.