Sunday, July 18, 2004

Putrajaya Quater Marathon is today

I forgot to register for the Putrajaya run which is being held today. Dammit. I ws hoping that i could enjoy some good sweating and pain. It's always, going for the run is fun. Waiting at the starting line is great. Start running is fantastic. But half way, I'll start asking myself, "Why oohh... why did I join this goddamn run. Oww.... My legs are killing me."
After every run will result in total shutdown of my body meaning sleep the whole day until the next day. Cool huh? Here's a pic of what I got from my Seremban run last week.

My certificate for participating in the Seremban Half Marathon on the 11th July 2004. The medal was for completing the run within it?s time.
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