Sunday, August 08, 2004


Went to Carrefour yesterday for my weekly shopping ritual. While I was there, I saw a grand dad who was about 70 playing with his grand son who was about 10. For a more detailed visualization, the grand son was chasing grand dad around the trolley (main kejar-kejar). Like when I was a kid, I used to chase my friends around chairs, tables, cars or just about anything. I was actually surprise to see the grand dad playing with the grand son like...... A little kid. It was a very sweet scene to look at. Two different generations of people, socially having fun together with out the insecure comments of others when they look at those two. Actually, to think of it, I never ever seen a grand dad playing kejar-kejar with their grand kids.

They stop chasing each other when grand ma came. Grand ma must have said something like, "Act like someone your own age, and you..... Act like your an adult". That was very cute, seeing both of them getting a scolding from grand ma. Both of them must be in trouble.

Looking at those two reminded of my late grand dad. He passed away when I was only 5 or 6. I can't remember much about him. I do remember that he never hit me or scolded me before. Unlike my grand ma who usually beat the crap out of me.

I only remember us going to the Singapore or Johore Zoo. I also remember going to a shopping mall with him and later getting lost. It's sad that I can't remember much about him even though he was a great guy. God bless his soul.