Sunday, July 18, 2004


1. How much is satu kupang?
10 centslah.
2. Where's the favourite spot to take wedding pictures in Taiping?
eerr... Taipin Zoo?
3. In what dialect is Apo Nak Di Kato?
4. Name at least five variations of roti canai.
Roti Telur, Roti Bom, Roti Sardin, Roti Bawang, Roti Pisang and many many more. I think I've seen Roti Durian somewhere before.
5. What is the staple food of native Sarawakians?
6. Name a popular Malay ointment made from "cucumber"?
Minyak gamat
7. Name the sauce made from fish or shrimp that the Kelantanese love.
Sos? Belacan I knowlah. But belacan isn't a sos.
8. What does pi mai pi mai tang tu mean?
Pi is pergi, Mai is datang and tang tu is macam gitu. So it means, "it doesn't change"
9. Which fruit is Ipoh famous for?
Errrr.... Dumb question hurting my highly intellectual mind. Errrr..... rambuatan?
10. What is the English name for putu mayam?
Puttu Mayam. Same pronounciation but different spelling.
11. "Lah" is to Peninsular Malaysians as"..." is to Sabahans.
12. What does ABC stand for?
Air Batu Campur, which is the same as Ais Kacang.
13. How long is a sari?
I don't know. I don't even know how much cloth is used to make my baju raya.
14. Name Penang's famous beach. -
Batu Feringgi. If you're lucky, you can catch some naked Minah Salleh sun bathing there.
15. How do you order coffee mixed with tea at a kopitiam?
Kopi + Teh = Ko teh. Kah Kah Kah. Jahatnya aku taip.
16. What's on Malaysian TV at 8pm?
News and my personal favaroite, Edisi Siasat.
17. On one side of our RM1 coin is the bunga raya, what's on the other?
18. Now what's on our 10 sen coin?
19. What was the name of the KL Commonwealth Games 1998 mascot?
Wira the Orang Utan
20. When you fill in a form, if you're not Malay, Chinese or Indian,you are...?
Pendatang haram.
21. Who is Malaysia's favourite Kampung Boy? -
22. How did the word "gostan" come about?
I day there was this dude and a friend named Stan who wanted to rob a bank. When they rob the bank and ran towards their car, all of a sudden dozens of cops and cop cars were in front of them. They didn't anywhere else to go but to reverse. So the dude shouted, "Go Stan! Go Stan!". When shouted fast enough it sounded "Gostan".
23. Lobo's Whispers in the Wind is the English version of which famous Malay song?
Bisikan dalam Angin?
24. When did Malaysia last win the Thomas Cup?
When i was in secondary school. I remember that because we had a holiday the following day. 1996 i think.
25. What is the name of our national flag? -
Jalur Gemilang
26. If you want 4D numbers, who do you consult?
a) Grave.
b) Accident cars.
c) Bomoh.
d) Play spirit.
27. What's the name of the Malaysian-made 175cc motorbike?
Jaguh. But performs more like "Jubuh"
28. Name our national bird.
Godammit. I know that bird. It that black bird with that yellow horn. What's the name. Need to concentrate!!!! EErRRREEERR!!!! You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!
29. If the father is a baba, and the mother is a nyonya, the what is the son?
Anak haram, if the parents aren't married.