Friday, August 13, 2004

Samy: Repair works will stop if ACA holds probe

Samy: Repair works will stop if ACA holds probe

Samy oooohhhh Samy. I have never heard such arrogant comment on national televisyen before. “Anyone who would like to investigate can come forward, our doors are always open. They can come take the documents and after that, we will just stop all the repair works,” he said.

That is like the most uneducated statement I have ever heard. It sounds more like a threat than a cooperation. What does an investigation got to do with the repairs of the road. People have the right to know what the hell the Road Works Ministry is doing.

The thing that I don't understand is; the ministry uses the taxpayers money to construct all those highways. Instead of the taxpayers using these highway freely, we have to pay to use them. It's like when we buy a car, but to use the car, we have to rent it. ????? Or, we buy a house and to use the house we have to pay the rent. ????? Whqt logic is this???

Ok, let's give this bold bastard the benefit of the doubt, that they have to collect tolls for the maintainance of the fucking roads. Why the hell they give the rights to collect tolls to some private concession? How come the goverment can't collect the toll fee and then use it to maintain the road and the extra money, use it for other development for the people or should I say, the taxpayers. Instead, collection of the toll money is being distributed towards the board of directors of these money hungry toll collector where they can't contribute much to the people of Malaysia other than pay their 30% corporate tax.

Samy Vellu said the RM20mil recommended by his ministry to the Cabinet for repair works on the flyover was based on an analysis by the Public Works Department. This is the best. After collecting so much money, can't the concessionary repair the god damn road them self. Isn't the "SO CALLED" toll collection is suppose to maintain the condition of the road. Instead, they are using the taxpayers money to repair it.

To sum up

  1. We have pay to have roads/highways built.
  2. We have to pay to use the roads/highways that was built with our money.
  3. When repairs are done towards the roads/highways our money is used and not the collected money.

Samy, your two best friends have relinquish their position in politics. I think it's about time you did the same also.

Here's the lyric of Hang Mokhtar's Ayo-yo Sami (1987)
Ayo-yo Samy, Ayo-yo Samy
Sekarang orang ada susah hati
Tol di sane, tol di sini
Di Penang orang suka naik feri

Ayo-yo Samy, Ayo-yo Samy
Tak boleh kasi tol kurang lagi
Hari-hari bayar tol lagi
Nanti saya habis duit gaji