Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Pre-Batman Begins Miniquiz

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Pre-Batman Begins Miniquiz - Sponsored by Wayne Enterprise

This is a "pre" Batman movie miniquiz before the movie comes to the big screen.

1. Who is Batman?
a) Bruce Wayne
b) Clark Kent
c) Some nut who thinks Halloween is all year long.

2. What is Bruce Wayne's goal in life?
a) Dress up as Batman and save the people of Gotham as often as possible.
b) Trying to hide his identity as Batman the Dark Knight.
c) To figure out if he has more money then Donald Trump.

3. What does Batman fear the most?
a) He fears that the Joker will kill the people he loves.
b) He fears that one day Gotham will be run by the underworld.
c) He fears that "Batman Begins" will suck as as bad as the last two Batman movie. Those suck ass!!!

4. What is the purpose of 'Batman Begins'?
a) To complete the Batman saga started by Tim Burton
b) To show the metamorphosis from Bruce Wayne to Batman
c) Warner Brother's attempt to make good movies after 'Matrix Revolutions'

5. Who is the 'Dark Knight' and can survive being shot 8 times?
a) Batman
b) Robin
c) 50 Cent

6. Which villain is associated with telling bad jokes with a fake grin?
a) Joker
b) Two-Face
c) Jason Lo of 'Latte at 8'

7. Why does Batman change his Batmobile in every movie?
a) To keep up with his image
b) So that they can sell more merchandise
c) Because the Government keeps increasing the damn petrol price

8. What happen to Bruce Wayne that changed him into Batman?
a) He saw his parents being murdered in front of him when he was just a child.
b) He couldn't stand the crimes taking place in Gotham.
c) With the petrol and diesel prices that we're paying, who wouldn't want to be Batman.

9. According to the Batman myth, Bruce Wayne was a billionare. In real life, which billionare do you think is appropriate to be Batman?
a) Donald Trump
b) Bill Gates
c) Samy Vellu

10. What other tools from other superheros that Batman could put on his Utility Belt?
a) Light Saber (Jedi Knights)
b) Web shooters (Spider-man)
c) Lame Jokes (Jason Lo)